(To the tune of “Are you sure Hank done it this way”, with apologies to Waylon Jennings.)

It’s the same old scheme, code and PR.
Where do we take it from here?
Razor scoots and in-house coffee bars.
It’s been the same way for years.
We need to change.

They told me, when I got to the Valley:
“Son, you’ve finally got it made.
Zuckerberg made it here, and we’re all sure that you will.”
But I don’t think Zuck’ done it this way.
I don’t think that Zuck’ done it this way.

Ten years in the code,
making midnight deploys.
Pitching my young life away.
Tweet me one time just so I understand,
Are you sure that Zuck’ done it this way?
Did Zuckerberg really do it this way?

I’ve seen the world with my bootstrapped team
looking at my fudged balance sheets.
Hackin’ on my ideas (and one of his, now and then)
But I don’t think Zuck’ wrote ‘em this way.
No, Zuck’ didn’t code ‘em this way.