Apologies to Jim Weirich, creator of the original Pair Programming Bot. I copied him to make this.

The command list fot the Twitter Pair Programming Bot:

  • hello : Say hello you dolt, it’s good manners.
  • start FEATURE_NAME : start a new feature.
  • yes, /^yes/ : answer in the affirmative. (any response starting with the word “yes” is accepted.)
  • no, /^no/ : answer in the negative. (any response starting with the word “no” is accepted.)
  • list : show what features you’ve worked on together.
  • where : where were you in the current feature?
  • what : what feature were you working on?
  • finish : prematurely mark feature as finished.
  • spoon : asking the bot to spoon with you will have it follow you. You can then talk to it via direct message. You MUST follow it back so it can DM replies.