I originally gave a presentation with this same title at the February 2012 ut.rb meeting.  Although it was focused at the Perl programmers that were present at that meeting it was so well received I’ve decided to spend more time on it an develop it in to a series of blog posts.

Of course this is meant to give Perl programmers a foothold in a new language but it is also useful for anyone coming in to the language from somewhere else.

My Perl credentials

I started developing in Perl in 2000 and was a full-time Perlista from 2000-’07 using versions 5.005 to 5.6, but I’ve never used the Perl 6 series.  My first gig was doing financial code for a credit-card processing company, then I moved on to start a web site (Quizilla.com) that eventually went to many tens-of-millions of daily page views on Perl code I wrote.

Overview of what’s on tap

In this series I plan on covering:

  • Part 1: basic similarities and shared conventions. Differences between use of semicolons, and parenthesis.
  • Part 2: Bagging on Perl’s OO system.  Objects and methods under Ruby.  Symbols.
  • Part 3: Perl sigils counterparts in Ruby.  New meaning of $, @ and @@.  Constants in Ruby.
  • Part 4: String interpolation, deliberate/implicit returns on methods.
  • Part 5: Bang (!) and Boolean (?) methods.
  • Part 6: blocks (very basically).
  • Part 7: bonus Rails-specific content: method_missing() and “magic methods”.