At my day job we have reports that are emailed out at 3AM every day, and the people who get them need them by, like, 9AM. Usually they work but for a number of reasons they occasionally will belch and I wouldn’t know until after the fact.

When that happened I would “hear about it”, and I generally just sucked it up and promised to fix whatever problem it was. One day, about 9 months ago, I had the brainwave that “I wish there was a site that would tell me when email didn’t get sent.” It was an awesome idea that was so cool I promptly forgot about it for almost a whole year..

A few weeks ago after having no problems, I once again “heard about” an email not going out decided to be proactive and build the system I had thought of 3 quarters before, and that system is Mailping.

So what is it? In a basic sense it is a incoming mailbox with filters and rules and if those filters/rules are or are not satisfied you will receive a notification.

So in my case it’s like this: I set it up to watch for an email with the subject line “X” between the hours of “Y” and “Z”. If that email comes through then great, but if not I have the system alert me that something is not right. It could also work the other way, where it can send you an email if if DOES receive a certain email. Whatever you want.

It can also ping a web site with a webhook sort of thing. Bitches love webhooks.

You can start using it now on your own project, anywhere you want to check if email is being sent. I’m already using it daily to make sure the automated email at my day job is working.

Plus, if you wanted to “think out of box” you could use the webhook functionality to trigger actions via an email.