It’s no secret that MWRC received a record number of presentation proposals this year and schedule is going to be excellent. However, you may be interested in knowing some of the talks that wererejected: at great personal risk I slipped passed the heavily armoured Elite Rubyista Guards and rifled through the dumpster at the secret MWRC bunker (located at the bottom of Bingham Canyon Copper Mine) to find a list of the talks you *wont* be attending this year:

In no particular order:

  • “9 ways to segfault your system with eval()”
  • “-1 things you should never do with the Integer class”
  • “Regular Expressions and other forms of cruel and unusual punishment”
  • “Scaling Rails: a one-man comedy show”
  • “To understand metaprogramming you must first understand metaprogramming”
  • “‘Marshal.dump’ and 16 other potty-jokes in ruby”
  • “IronRuby: yes, we’re serious, I swear, stop laughing”
  • “Advanced Recursion” (cancelled: stack level too deep)
  • “Spec’ing your specs, an OCD guide to software testing” (followed by the “spec’ing your spec specs” lightning talk)
  • “‘Write it yourself’, a 0-line web framework”