My name is Matthew Nielsen, a Canadian-American who’s been in to computers for about 25-years and been employed writing software for about half of that.


The of this web site, “N4K3D“, is a joke and if you don’t get it you either haven’t been on the int3rw3bs long enough or you’ve been in the wrong parts for too long. Need a hint? Squint your eyes and think like a 13-year-old boy. It’s OK, I’ll wait.

This is at least the 10th iteration of a ‘personal’ web page since I started keeping one in 1995. I used to write at LiveJournal but since that place has been taken over by the Russian mob Legitimate Russian Businessmen I’ve been less inclined to write things there. You may still with to read a lot of my old stuff at my old LJ journal.


I created Quizilla in 2002; it got famous enough to bought by MTV in 2006. I’ve done a handful of less successful sites since then.